BNR will machine almost any type of part to your print or specifications. We have CNC vertical mills up to 31" x 59" travel, CNC lathes to 15" diameter and a VTL that will turn to 64" diameter. We also have manual mills, lathes and grinders for small run parts, general machining and repair work.
 This picture is of the roughing operation of a hydro form punch machined to customer supplied CAD data.  This was machined on our Mazak Vertical Machining Center.
This picture shows the finished mounting surface of the same hydro form punch.
Our Mazak VQC-30/50B Vertical Machining Center has 2 pallets, 31" Y-axis and 59" X-axis travels.
Our Haas TM-1 Vertical CNC Toolroom mill has 12" Y-axis and 30" X-axis travels.
Our Hwacheon Hi-Eco 10B CNC Lathe has turning to 8.66" diameter x 14.96 long with a 5,000 RPM 20 HP spindle and 2" bar capacity.
Our Hwacheon Hi-Eco 31AA CNC Lathe has turning to  15" diameter x 23.6 long with a 30 HP 3,200 RPM spindle and 3" bar capacity.
Our Bullard VTL will turn up to 64" diameter and has twin vertical rams.