If a complete turnkey system is what you require, BNR can provide this as well.  We can design and build the workholding device, supply standard or design special tooling, program the CNC control, prove-out programs, and run-off parts to show process capability.
    Here is an example of a special lathe workholding device for a recent a Turnkey project.  This project was a 3 operation  process, for a 5 axis mill/turn center, that had interchangeable part locating components for 2 different parts.  This picture shows the chuck with custom gripper jaws for the first and second operations.
    This picture shows the third operation with the part and  locating components mounted to chuck.  Also shown are standard turning tool as well as custom turning tool designed and built by BNR.
    This picture is of a 2 operation fixture for an aluminum die cast part that we designed and build for a customer to perform quality audit machining.  We also programmed, specified the tooling and ran trial parts at the customers facility.