At BNR, we have experience with many types of workholding devices.  We have built fixtures for milling, turning, grinding and CMM inspection applications.  Depending on your needs, we can design and/or build anything from a very simple manually clamping fixture to a complex multi-station hydraulic clamping tombstone fixture.  We believe the machining process and the fixture must work together to ensure the best possible quality of parts.  We can design a fixture around your machining process or if you prefer, we can recommend an efficient approach for machining the part,  then after the manufacturing process is finalized, the fixture can be designed and built to efficiently produce your part to print.
     Here is a sampling of fixtures we have designed and built over the years.
    This hydraulic clamping fixture is for a thin wall titanium part that required several work supports to control vibration.  This fixtures used a manual pallet valve for hydraulic operation.
    This photo is of a manual clamping, 2 operation tombstone that uses multiple removable gang plates that can be loaded off-line to remove the part loading time from the machining cycle time.  After a machining cycle is completed, the op.2 nests can be removed as a gang, the op.1 nests are moved to station 2 and a newly loaded gang is clamped in the op.1 station.
     This is a 6 station hydraulic clamping fixture for a horizontal machining center.  It has a manual operated pallet valve to connect to the hydraulic power source and uses manifold mounted components.
    Here is another hydraulic clamping fixture.  This one is for turning a thin shelled part on a vertical lathe.  This fixture uses a screw pump as the hydraulic source
    This picture is an example of a CMM fixture.  The aluminum die cast part is located and held in place with toggle clamps and leaves access to all cast features that need to be probed for inspection.